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The Zoo, but Mostly Pandas

Last week I was in San Diego for a conference. The first day we were there, we went to the San Diego Zoo (which is also a botanical garden and wildlife conservancy!). Here’s what you need to know about the zoo:

There are pandas. There is a panda baby.

You can watch the pandas live on the panda cam. PANDA CAM, you guys.

The Galapagos tortoises were also quite charming.

But seriously. Panda cam.

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A Rose is a Rose

One day, when I have my own house, I’d like to have a cutting garden.
A cutting garden is a garden grown for the purpose of cutting flowers (or herbs, or ornamental vegetables) for indoor use.

In the meantime, I buy myself flowers.
These beauties came from the clearance bin at the grocery store, so this is not a huge extravagance, by any means.

If you don’t have anyone who buys you flowers, you should buy them for yourself. It is a very happy-making thing.

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Accomplished Goals

You haven’t seen or heard the last of my beach inspiration.
For now, an update on my vacation-time accomplishments. I achieved all of my Happy Life Goals!

The toy shop:

I found the perfect Secret Santa gift there!

The kites:

My papa had an awesome, huge kite, but there wasn’t enough wind to fly it.
My aunt made the kite my brother is flying! It makes me want to try my hand at kite-building.

The lighthouse:

It’s named Barnegat; its friends call it Barney.

No taffy photo, but I did get some. The shop had a whole wall where you could pick out your own flavors! Very exciting.
Coming soon: a sneaky peak at a beachy project.

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The Secret to a Happy Life

I always say that the secret to a happy life is achievable goals. Here are my goals for this week on the island:

  1. Eat a crabcake. (Done and done!)
  2. Visit the local toy shop. (Check!)
  3. Fly a kite.
  4. Visit the lighthouse.
  5. Get some saltwater taffy.

Totally doable.

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