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Dinosaur Giveaway Winner!

By the ultra-scientific paper-pulled-from-a-hat method, Rachael is the lucky winner of a golden dinosaur!
He says “rawr!” That means “I love you already!” in dinosaur.
Here’s her comment:

Di-no-saurs are di-no-mite and covered in glitter they’re such a delight!!


I want to especially thank Colt (we’ll call him the runner up?) for representing my male readership with his comment:

I don’t know why I want one or where I would put it but they are strangely interesting to look at!

The answer to “why” is the glitter. The answer is always the glitter!
Thanks to everyone who entered!

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Dinosaurs and a Giveaway

This evening I thought, “I should do something.” So, I started looking through a little box of crafty-type objects and turned up a few of these guys:

I think I picked them up at a dollar store intending to make them into some kind of silly thing one day.
It turned out that today was the day, because I remembered these glittered Christmas deer.
I think you can guess what happened next.


One of these guys is going to go live with my friend Heather, who always needs more dinosaurs in her life.
Another one is going to come live with one of you, dear readers! All you have to do is leave me a dinosaur- or glitter-related comment. Isn’t that fun!?
I’ll pick a winner at random on Wednesday. Rachael is the lucky winner. Thanks for playing!

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