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Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

The wonderful Russanna is having a tiny baby boy. He is destined to be a Cubs fan and to be extraordinarily pop culture-savvy.
For the baby shower, Beth, Pinterest, and I got together to make the decorations. Baseball themed, naturally!

I didn’t make the cupcakes, but I think they’re very clever. The stitches are made of red hots!
Everything is made of affordable, easy materials: felt, paper, yarn. I love the way a bit of tissue paper can become an object of beauty, when folded and teased in just the right way. Like a small sort of everyday magic.

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The Island Come True

We built a little Wendy House, in a fit of Harvest-time inspiration.
All the Neverlanders were invited.

Tinkerbell came, and she was even nice to Wendy.
Everyone thought that the make-believe roses were just lovely.
There was a little bit of fairy dust and a lot of magic.

Wendy was very pleased with her little house.
Peter was very pleased with himself.
Hook was also in attendance, but he has taken up a new hobby and was too busy taking pictures to be in any.

Photos by Caleb Atkins.

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