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Love and Physics

My lovely friend Jess posted this on her Facebook the other day. I loved it, and I especially loved that it is a bit of wisdom straight from her father! Here it is:

There is no conservation law for love. It can be created in ever-increasing amounts.

(If anyone is curious, the law of conservation of energy is one of the laws of physics. It states that the total energy in an isolated system will always remain constant. Energy can move or change form within the system, but cannot be created or destroyed. Thank goodness that people are not isolated systems–however we may sometimes try to be–and that love defies science!)

This morning I was still rolling these words around in my head, so I got out my sketchbook and began, as Mina would say, “taking a line for a walk.” I’m going to do a scary (for me) thing now and show you my scribbles:

I was playing around with the idea of a little machine that walks around creating love where it’s needed. So, here’s where the lines went:

Thanks to Jess and to her dad for the inspiration!

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